Saturday, 28 March 2015

Candle Stand Made From Wood Apple Fruit

Candle Stand Made From Wood Apple Fruit
Candle Stands Made From Wood Apple Fruit
Craft Difficulty Level: Easy

1. Whole wood apple fruit (also known as cannon ball fruit, bel in hindi).
2. A good, sharp file.
3. Paint (Fabric or poster colors) and size 0 / 1 paint brushes.
4. Cardboard.
5. Black chart paper or plain white paper.
6. Glue.
7. Little paper flowers, buttons or any accessory suitable as a decorating item.

1. Crack open the wood apple fruit into two halves.
2. Scrape out the pulp (you can eat the pulp or use it as a household cleaner).
3. Because the rind never breaks evenly, you will need to file it a little until a perfect circle is achieved.
4. Wash the rind halves and let them sun-dry.
5. Meanwhile, cut the cardboard into square / rectangular pieces large enough to hold the rind halves.
6. Wrap the pieces in black chart paper. Alternatively, you can also use white paper and paint it in black.
7. Take the sun-dried rinds and paint them in different patterns of your choice. Don't forget to paint the inner surface of the rinds. Let the paint dry completely.
8. Take each rind and stick it to the cardboard wrapped in black / painted paper.
9. Decorate as shown in the picture.

Presto! Your candle stand is ready! Use it or give it to someone you love, as a gift. :)