Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pipili, Puri, Odisha: Color, Color Everywhere

There's this little town in the temple city of Odisha, hugely famous for its applique work. Beautiful lampshades, colorful hand bags, bright wall hangings, letter holders, little purses, cushion covers, bed sheets, umbrellas, you name it and you have it! The market place itself is a distinct heaven of colors. Have you noticed the photographs below??

The market place of Pipili
The shops at Pipili
Applique work of Pipili is actually patching cloth design in other words. The locals have named the art form as 'Chandua'. So, what they generally do is cut pieces of colored cloths into various beautiful  shapes and apply these onto another cloth called the master fabric.

Wall decors inside a shop
The themes have usually originated from the temple city. So, you'll notice a lot of items with the art work depicting Lord Jagannath, specially the wall hangings. No ritual inside the temples in Odisha is completed without a Pipili Chandua. Even the great Chariot festival of Odisha known as the Rath Yatra demands canopies and umbrellas from Pipili. This famous place has also etched its name in the Limca Book of Records to have manufactured the 'Longest Thematic Applique Work' of 54 meters in the year 2004.
Colorful lamp shades
The most spectacular of all the art work in Pipili are the lamp shades. Complement these with a bulb and the decor's even more beautiful. You can also go for the multicolored umbrellas designed with Pipili art work. And then you have bedsheets, handbags and carpets too!

Don't hesitate to spend your money on one of these. In fact you can buy as many as you want! The price is going to be easy on the pocketbook. I mean it's flatteringly cheap. :) Buy anything here and that too without burning a hole in your pocket!!

And yes, when you actually happen to visit this place, do give a sure shot look inside the shop and the workshop as well. The workers toil day and night to create the beauty that you see outside. Respect for such hard-working beings!

Workers in action at a shop
Devi Applique Workshop is one particular shop here that I love. Not that the other shops aren't that good. In fact, some other shops are even better. But, the shopkeeper here, Mr. Dilip Bera, is one interesting guy. He'll never let you go empty handed. Now don't feel conned! He's a good salesman! And what's more! He even offers free gifts sometimes. ;)

Mr. Dilip Bera, the ever-smiling shopkeeper
A beautiful piece of Pipili art work
So, don't miss Pipili if you happen to visit Odisha this time. It is one of the most famous amongst all Odisha tourist places Do shop a lot there! I'll go, check my new Pipili buys! You know, I cant resist myself from checking the stuff again and again. Tempting, these are! :) I'm seriously Pipili-fied now! Tada!