Thursday, 2 April 2015

Ten Kinds of People You are Bound to Find on Facebook

Facebook has almost become our second proof of identity. It is perhaps the most widely used...and misused social networking site on this planet, defeating the entire global population with its colossal user base. Almost half of its denizens keep coming back to visit it, like, EVERY DAY. And, with this addiction on a steady rise, here are some madcaps you are likely to find on the platform, again, like, EVERY DAY.

The Ever Exhilarated Enthusiast

This one 'feels excited' for anything and everything – right from India entering the Oscars to his poop turning green. Rolleyes.
Feeling Excited

The Liker

Liking posts is the only motto of his life. And, the matter is not of any matter if the post matters to him or not. As long as his 'like' shines, the world is a great, great place.
Facebook Like Addiction

The Updater

Drinking tea, At the spa, Flying home, Taking a shower – the updater will announce every moment of his life with style. And that's lifestyle for him. B)
What's On Your Mind?

The Grouch

My life sucks. I am bored. I have nothing to do. I don't like anyone and anything. Oh! Why can't people be a bit more sensitive? Why is the sky blue and not green? Why does sugar taste sweet and not salty? Why blah blah blah...? Well, this one is a complaint box. Beware.

Funny Crying Scene

The (Pseudo) Film Critic

He does it for free – reviewing movies. Like this guy... :P

Pseudo film critic

The Grammar Nazi

Did you forget the comma after the fifth word in the second line of your comment? You're done son.

Grammar Nazi

The Tagger

A heavy downpour of photographs and a mighty torrent of tags. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe – this person tags anyone and everyone in, of course, irrelevant pictures. Rolleyes, yet again.

Facebook tag abuse

The Stalker

Thankfully, Mark decided to keep visitor details hidden. Our stalker can now visit profiles without getting noticed. Oh! How he hated Orkut!

Facebook stalker

The 'Opinion' Guy

You will find him more on other people's profile than on his own. No, he is not stalking. Rather, he is busy commenting on their posts, or in his words, 'giving large pieces of his mind' everywhere. Everybody's business is HIS business. Yawn!

Top Commenter

The 'LOL'er

Last, but not the least, this guy is the ultimate LOL abuser. He 'LOL's everywhere on Facebook, mindlessly, almost always. Bitch Please.

LOL abuse

Have you met any of them? Go on, tell me...

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