Thursday, 3 September 2015

Do You Know Why Google Chose to Change its Logo?

It’s for the fifth time now. And this time, it’s huge. The seventeen year old logo has finally changed. But, the question is WHY?
Google, new logo
Well, it’s a decade long story! Google was once a land, people visited via desktops and laptops. But, time’s changed. We now have smartphones, tablet PCs, and the latest – wearable devices. Imagine it like this – you have to say hello in a million different languages because the people you are greeting, belong to different ethnicity. How weird will that be?

Google was suffering from something of this sort. Its ancient logo suited the desktops, but not in the newer devices. So, because the silver lining in its cloud was missing, it decided to create one. It revamped its logo so that it can appear in any device, be it a desktop, a laptop, a mobile phone, a wearable watch, the dashboard of your car, and even your TV!

The update was introduced to the world as a Doodle on the first of September this year. And, it looked like this:

Google Doodle New Logo

In other words, Google’s ‘hello’ to the world has received a universal language, which can be apprehended by any device anywhere, regardless of its built, model, screen size, or operating system. Its new logo can show up in the smallest of screens. All we need is Internet connectivity! Now that’s what we call convenience.

The full logo features Product Sans – a new font which reminds us of a child’s handwriting in primary school. The compact version has been changed, too. The familiar blue lower case ‘g’ has been replaced with an uppercase ‘G,’ which bears all the colors of the new logo together. Another distinct change, which has been introduced, is the addition of a colorful Google mic that assists in interacting with the Search Engine.

Take a look at how the Search Engine has evolved over the years in this video:

With the logo remodeled to function seamlessly across an infinite range of devices and inputs, we are definitely witnessing a ‘Google of the future.’ What say?