Friday, 16 October 2015

The Indian Industry of Photography: What Lies in its Future

Photography – nothing much has changed since its birth. It’s the same old story of a box with a lens and a game of light and shadow to record images.

Its history in India has been glorious. Colonial rule boosted it more. Since then, it has flourished technologically. Lens quality has become better, camera mechanics have improved, and the art has rapidly turned into a mainstream career option, a bread-winning way for many. Photography, today, is an established, multifaceted industry in our country.

Indian Photography Homebound by Sudipto Das
'Homebound' by Sudipto Das
What does the future hold for this industry?

This is a thing to ponder, because the world is rapidly and digitally advancing. Pause for a while and take a look back at the past. Not many years ago, it was entirely the age of not very efficient miniature camera.

Today, high end smartphones and other mobile gadgets are easy to access, and with these devices, the art has gone to a higher level. Amateurs and professionals are thronging the market like anything. With editing software, everyone seems to be turning pro.

Further, the world has suddenly turned selfie crazy. Grasped tight within such a rage, professional photography may find it difficult to breathe. But, who knows what the technology of the unforeseen days has in store?
Future of Photography in India, Selfie
Source: Bhak Sala
A drastic change in online business can be predicted:

Indian photographers are ditching their physical studios and art galleries, and relying on the World Wide Web more. They are sure to have a website of their own, if not a traditional studio.

The reason is pretty simple – a basic, plain website is easy to set up, less time consuming and low fund demanding compared to a brick-and-mortar room. And, why waste on developing solid prints when e-prints can be securely stored and offered to consumers when requested?

They have, thus, taken up their businesses online and operating via this virtual space. From training sessions to selling pictures to sharing creations on social media, the endeavors are largely being facilitated by the digital world. The time ahead surely would open wider opportunities and bigger scope of ancillary work.

Online photography business
Source: Medianovak
Let’s look at it from the consumer’s side:

Ordering and receiving prints online is hassle-free. You not only save energy, but also time and money. On the other hand, when you visit an offline store, you have to wait for your turn, which might turn bothersome. Moreover, a physical store can never contain as much variety as an online store.

Furthermore, you have the option of customization in the latter. You can select the paper of your choice, settle on a quality which you think is good, and even select the perfect size that you want to buy. The future of photography industry in India is definitely moving toward this virtual world.
Lesbian story through photography
Photographer: Arjun Kamath, Source: StorySpotted
Above all, creative minds have bent toward innovations. Conventions no longer satiate creations. Like the creators of Indian contemporary art, the lens men of the country, too, are finding the art as an outlet of creativity.

Styles are changing, concepts are getting renewed, and taboos are gradually being disregarded. India is getting modernized, and the entire industry is moving toward a mega revolution. So far, so good.

And yes, the future seems bright!