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Thursday, 27 October 2016


Sad Girl Dark

“A very good evening to you! This is Mark, how can I help you?”

This was the fifth time Ella had dialed the customer care number. This time she couldn’t hang up. The voice was deep, soothing, almost irresistible. She felt like it could comfort her, if not heal her.

“Mark?” his name slipped from her lips, unknowingly.

“Yes ma’am, is there anything you want to speak about? I’ll be glad to help you.”

There was a lump in her throat. Ella wanted to speak, but the words simply lingered inside, refusing to come out. The more she struggled to unleash them, the more unwavering they became.

And then, seconds of silence followed.

“Ma’am? Is everything alright? Do you want to complain about a product you purchased from us?"

Ella could only manage to squeeze out a feeble ‘no.’


More silence.

She wondered if he would just cut off the call now. No, call center executives cannot do that. They aren’t allowed to do that; she assured herself. But why isn’t he saying anything? She seemed to be hearing her own heartbeat racing.

“Mark?” after a seemingly never-ending minute or two, Ella finally spoke.

“Yes Ma’am, I’m listening.”

“Have you ever been lonely?”

She could hear the exhalation from the other end, loud and clear. Was she pissing him off?

“Is there anything that’s bothering you, ma’am? I can sense that. I could be of help if you share.”

Smart guy! He’s choosing his words carefully. He knows the calls are being recorded.

Ella knew she had asked a silly question. Why on earth would a stranger divulge his personal life at his workplace out of the blue? That too when he knows he is being tracked?

Still, somehow, this realization seemed unacceptable. It deepened the cracks in her aching heart even more. So, here was the bitter truth – she couldn’t say it to anyone. Not even to a stranger. A hot drop of tear slid down her cheek.'


She fought back to keep her tears from falling, but couldn’t.

“Um?,” her voice shook, the tone ill-defined.

“Are you crying?”

She couldn’t hold any longer. Her sobs turned louder and her tears hotter.

“Mark? Can you stay on the call? Just for a while? Please?”

“Sure thing, ma’am.”


He didn’t seem pissed off anymore. Mark was relaxed, kind of considerate this time.

And Ella cried her heart out. No, she didn’t want to share her story. She just wanted someone to be there…to hear her weep at midnight, to let know that she’s in despair.

When the sobs finally died down, Mark spoke, “Are you feeling better, ma’am?”

“Um,” Ella replied.

“Would you like to get some sleep?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Another minute of silence followed. Call center guys are supposed to strike great conversations, aren’t they? What was keeping Mark so hushed?

“You know, I’ve been a nasty person. I’ve made terrible decisions, upset everyone associated with me. I’ve been the bad guy everywhere, hurting people who love me. I’ve loved and lost and had revenge. A lot many times,” Ella spoke in a single breath.

“Don’t blame yourself ma’am. We are all humans after all.”

“Do you think I’m a bad person?”

A stranger’s opinion shouldn’t have mattered. But, somehow, for Ella, it did, from this guy.

“Not at all, ma’am. I'm sure you are a beautiful person from inside. Not everyone has the courage to own up their mistakes. You’re crying in the middle of the night, and that shows you still care.”

Flattery, eh? Wasn’t he bothered about the calls being recorded now? But it was his voice…it felt like some sort of ecstasy pill – extremely pacifying.

“You have a nice voice, Mark. Has anyone told you this?”

“Yes, ma’am. My wife did.”

“Lucky girl. Do you love her?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Does she love you?”

“I think so.”

“You think so? Why aren’t you sure?” So, Mr Mark did have his insecurities!

“We don’t live together anymore.”


“She left me.”

“Is she as nasty as me?” Ella asked.

“You’re not nasty, ma’am. And she isn’t either. It’s just that…she passed away last week.”

Ella felt like she was hit by a thousand volts of electricity. She hung up. It was like a reflex action. Without speaking another word, without a goodbye. She was terrified. Her heart was thumping more than ever, her hands shaking.

What if she never got a chance to apologize?

She picked up her phone and typed a status on her Facebook profile...

Life’s too short for battles and revenge, for tears and sobs. Every damage can be repaired until death. Beyond it, we don’t know what lies.”

She was sure he would see this. But, would he ever come back?