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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How to Look Like Jungle Book's Mowgli Under $200

Being Mowgli is not so simple. The very look could be expensive, at least by Indian standards. You'd need a Pageboy haircut first. So, choose a good salon. You never know when this trend hits the fashion world. Do keep up with the latest hair trends.

Next, you'd need a  loincloth. I'm not very sure if people would be of this opinion. It's okay for kids and definitely not okay for grown-ups. Interestingly, loincloths are available on major online shopping sites like eBay! Get your pick if you dare.

Of course, tan sessions wouldn't hurt. Grab a good online deal on a session in your nearby store. Don't attempt a DIY as it will leave you looking like a leopard. Complete the look with a simple wooden boomerang from Amazon.

Bingo! Your Mowgli look is ready! Let's sing together, "Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai...." Ah, what fun!

How much would it cost to be Jungle Book's Mowgli

By the way, did you watch the trailer and the new song? Check the two videos below:

I'm getting nostalgic. Are you?

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Strange Scientific Reasons Behind Everyday Indian Customs and Habits

India is a land of strange rituals. More strange are the reasons behind these unusual customs. Some of them are odd and hard to believe; sometimes, you have to take it with a grain of salt. However, there are some that come with proper, valid, SCIENTIFIC rationality. Like –

Greeting with a Namaskara.

This is a popular way of greeting people, especially in India. The gesture requires you to join your palms together and make a little bow in respect.  Wondering where the science is? Well, when your palms are joined, the fingertips touch each other.

Science behind namaste or namaskar - the Indian way of greeting
Namaskara; Source: Wiki
In these tips lie the pressure points associated with the sensory organs and the brain. As you press them, you activate the points. The signals are sent to the brain, which suggests that you should remember the person you are seeing for a long time. Also, if you think of it from the hygiene point of view, isn’t it a better way of greeting people than a handshake?

Serving food on banana leaves.

This is an ancient custom still followed in many parts of India. Some people hold the notion that it saves the world from pollution. Banana leaves being biodegradable can be easily disposed. However, there’s another fact which is not known to many.

Science behind food on a banana leaf
Food on a banana leaf; Source: Travel + Leisure
These leaves are a rich source of vitamins. Whenever hot food is served on them, the vitamins get added in it. A healthy custom, I’d say. And yes, the ‘biodegradable’ thing holds true as well.

Eating with your hand.

It’s not unhygienic. In fact, it energises your body, mind and soul. That particular posture, when you are holding food in your hand and about to insert it into your mouth, is a yogic ‘mudra.’ The extended fingers represent the five elements of nature – fire, water, earth, air, and space.
Science behind eating with hands
Eating with hands; Source:
Each finger is responsible for contributing to the food in one way or the other. Science as proved it that food consumed with hands stimulates a person’s sense of taste, smell, and texture better. The digestive enzymes are secreted properly and the consumption of food becomes a delightful experience.

Piercing ears.

Did you think of it only as a fashion statement? There’s more. Pierced ears contribute to a better intellect.  They strengthen a person’s reasoning and decision-making abilities. Further, they also save the ears from diseases and disorders.
Science behind piercing ears
Pierced ears; Source: Style & Fashion
You’d be surprised to know that pierced ears can minimise talkativeness. Yes, they help in disciplining speech. Interestingly, women in India have always been expected to pierce their ears. Don’t you smell a misogynist mind behind this?

Applying henna.

Think apart from the colour henna imparts on your hand. Isn’t it a herbal medicine as well? Well, this is proven. Now, here’s the scientific reason. Henna is cold; it works on the blood and lowers the body temperature.

Science behind applying mehendi or henna
Bridal mehendi (henna); Source:
Yet again, Henna also acts on the nervous system and calms down the nerves. It’s a great stress buster and is this is why it is recommended during weddings and rituals. Style goes hand in hand with health, you can say.

Wearing a silver toe ring on the second toe.

It’s beyond fashion. The second toe ring has a certain nerve which leads straight to the heart through the uterus. Science says that a silver toe ring in this finger helps in enhancing the health of the uterus. It also assists in the regulation of blood flow and helps cure irregular menstrual cycles.
Toe rings; Source: WomanDot
Silver is a great conductor and can absorb the earth’s polar energy, thereby passing it on to the human body. No wonder these rings are still recommended for married women.

Hanging chillies and lemon in the entrance of residences.

This is so damn common. We see it almost everywhere. People hand chillies and lemons believing that it can keep the evil and misfortune away from a home.

Science behind chillies and lemon tied on a thread on entrances.
Man holding chillies and lemon tied on a thread; Source: The National, UAE
Here’s the real story – the cotton thread which supports the hanging chillies and lemon, absorb the juices of the edibles. The combination is like a natural pesticide that keeps away disease causing agents. In short, ‘misfortunes’ and ‘evil’ is kept at bay.

Ringing the bell at the entrance of a temple.

This is a practice as per the Agama Sastra, which says that the bell helps in warding off the evil and keeping the grounds of the temple pious. However, science has a different explanation. It says the loud ring keeps people away from distractions.

Science behind ringing temple bells
Temple bells; Source: Alekhya Homes
It’s like a reminder to stay attentive; it helps us concentrate on the being devoted more than thinking about world outside. In short, it’s a concentration booster.

Having desserts after a meal.

People with the sweet tooth are going to love this fact. Indian meals are mostly spicy. Did you know that spices kindle the digestive enzymes in the body? And that they activate acidic substances?

Science behind having sweets after meals
A plateful of Indian sweets; Source: NineFineStuffs
Both the processes are needed so that the digestion of food occurs to the utmost. Now comes the dessert part. Sweets contain sugars (carbohydrates) that put a brake to the ongoing process of digestion. Simple, isn't it?

Consuming sesame seeds and jaggery during Makar Sankranti.

The celebrations of Makar Sankranti happen when winter is at its peak. A combination of sesame seeds (til) and jaggery (gur) when consumed help the body to keep warm. They contain carbohydrates in the form of sugar, which have heat generating properties.

Science behind consuming sesame seeds and jaggery during Makar Sankranti
Til-gur laddoo during Makar Sankranti; Source: Rediff
Did you know this sweet delicacy is also a cure for bed wetting? Indeed, when health comes in sweet packages, it is always welcome.

Chanting ‘OM.’

It’s more like Aaa-Ooo-Mmm. We all have heard it a zillion times in our lives perhaps. Ever wondered about the logic? Well, OM, the mantra is full of physics! It’s a practical example of syllables that direct to sound, resonance and vibration. The sound of ‘Aaa’ activates the nervous system in the chest and stomach via resonance.

Science behind chanting OM
The importance of chanting Om; Source: MindBodyGreen
‘Ooo’ on the other hand sensitises the chest and throat. Lastly, the sound of  ‘Mmm’ resonates in the nose as well as the brain. So, here’s a single word that’s looking after the health of your chest, stomach, throat, nose, and brain. The sound waves help in enhancing your concentration, calming the mind, and lowering mental stress. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Our ancestors had a scientific outlook which we can never possibly fathom. They were way wiser, logical and rational than we are. Let’s not question every ritual that we come across. Let’s try and understand the hidden reason first.

Do you know of any such everyday custom? Can you provide a scientific explanation for it? Kindly share.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Everyday Products That are Derived From Animal Parts

How vegan do you think you are? Nice that you have cut on your consumption of meat. Great that you look around for organic products only. However, the factories and industries could be silently giving your vegan lifestyle a big blow. Want to know how? Go through these everyday product your are using. They usually contain animal parts (smirk)!

Perfume from sperm whale shit or vomit

Ambergris is the name for the excreta of sperm whales. It's rare and usually found floating in the oceans. It's solid, waxy, and out-and-out the poop of the mammal. Remember the bitter taste you experienced when you accidentally sprayed your costly perfume into your mouth. Ahem, poopy pleasure!

Perfume from whale poop

Ground up beetles in strawberry shakes and lipsticks

Carmine is a coloring agent acquired from crushed beetles. The industry has termed it a sophisticate name - Cochineal extract. Well, sadly, it is sometimes the red ingredient present in strawberry shakes. Um, Starbucks had almost blurted it out once (oops!). And, oh yes, have you been using any cosmetic product, especially lipstick that contains 'natural red 4' or 'carmine' or 'crimson lake.' Throw it away because you are applying beetle juice. Gee!

Carmine in lipstick and Strawberry shake

Beaver anal gland secretion and urine in vanilla ice cream

Castoreum, the brown, slimy thing that comes out of beaver's butt, goes into vanilla ice creams that you savor with such greed. Of course, you should not expect to acquire this biochemical in its purest form straight from the butt. Because the anal glands are located very near to the castor sac, from where Castoreum is secreted, the latter is a combo of beaver piss and other secretions of the gland as well. Hey, are you licking a beaver's butt right now?

Castoreum of bever in vanilla ice cream

Face creams with oil exudate from sheep skin

What happen to your hair when you don't wash it for days? It gets greasy, right? And, what if you've never ever taken a bath? Can you imagine the amount of oil that will accumulate in your scalp and hair? Now, think about a sheep with a lot of wool. The sebaceous glands present in the animal's skin excrete an oily product known as Lanolin, which is a great moisturizer. And, this is exactly what goes into most face creams.

Lanolin face cream from sheep

Jello-O is boiled pig skin + bovine hide + pork & cattle bones

A protein called Gelatin is obtained when pig and bovine skin, tendons, ligaments and bones are boiled in water. It is used as a thickener in puddings, Jell-Os, ice creams, marshmallow, cakes, and candies. Um, watch what you are eating!

Gelatin from cows and pigs

Energy drinks are bull bile

Taurine is a naturally occurring substance present in bull bile. It is extracted from the animal and introduced in energy drinks. Check the can right now. If it says 'Taurine' you sure are drinking bull bile. By the way, Red Bull is quite a nice (self explanatory) name, don't you think?

Taurine in energy drinks comes from bull bile

Shark liver oil in  lipstick and eye makeup

Squalene is a substance derived from shark liver oil. This compound can mimic the natural moisturizers present in our body. It behaves as a lubricant on the surface of our skin, absorbing very quickly, and giving us a flawless appearance. Ugh, shark up!

Shark liver oil squalene in eye makeup lipstick

Fish scales in nail polish

Does you nail polish contain 'pearl essence?' Well, this is not derived from some pearl found in the deepest of the deep oceans, like you believe it is. It is Guanine in disguise, which comes from fish scales. The scales are cleaned and mixed with solvents like castor oil. Coloring pigments are added, and bingo! Your bottle of nail polish happens! Yes, bitter truth, it is. Sounds very fishy, right?

Fish scales in nail polish

Bull semen in hair products

Silky, shiny hair - don't you just love it? But, would you mask your mane with bull semen all over to get it? Ew. But, the fact is, you might actually be applying it already (yes, unknowingly). There are some shampoos and conditioners that make use of this yucky product. By the way, there's something called semen facial as well. Want to go for it?

Bull semen shampoo

Snail slime in scar treatment and anti aging creams

The slime is a concoction of proteins, anti-oxidants, and hyaluronic acid. These three ingredients assist in skip repair. They pull out dead cells, reduce inflammation, moisturize skin, and keep it safe from wrinkles. No wonder the cocktail has found its way into scar treatment and age-defying creams. Have you ever rubbed snail slime on your face?

snail slime in cream

Lamb / sheep intestine in condoms

Not all condoms are made of latex. Study the packet. If it says 'lambskin,' then it surely has come from the intestine of a lamb or sheep. And its perforated. With no guarantee of keeping viruses and bacteria away. But, on second thoughts, what has a condom to do with being vegetarian? Oops.

Lambskin condom

Image source: Internet

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Weird and Bad Dressing Advices We Hear Almost Every Day

Fashion policing comes so easily (and often without asking for it) these days. Whether a fashion freak or not, each one of us has faced the assault sometime or the other in our lives.
Source: Google
Remember your mom lecturing you about the ‘right’ kind of dress you should wear? Remember how such dresses often used to hang loose from your shoulders and never fit you? Or the times your beau chose to pick on you for the dress you wore?

My mom dressing me up
Source: Living Learning Eating
Yes, the jeers are hard to digest. But, on second thoughts, do we really need the policing? Do we deserve it?
“It’s a new era in fashion — there are no rules.” – Alexander McQueen
Here are some bad fashion tips we get from the people around us all the time and the reasons why you are better off without them:

Fashion Blah #1: The ‘dress doesn’t matter’ spiritual crap.

It does! What you are wearing influences your personality in every way. Try walking out of your home in a garbage bag. Will you feel confident and phlegmatic? Never!

Funny Man in Garbage Bag
Source: BuzzFeed
From the color to the fit, each aspect of your dress has an impact on your mood and behavior; did you know that? Maybe this is why it is advisable that you go for dress shopping if you are feeling low.

Fashion Blah #2: Being fashionable is being extravagant.

Roll eyes. Haven’t people heard about budget clothing? There are a lot of brands and clothing lines, which offer amazingly fashionable dresses at flatteringly affordable rates.

Rather, the focus should be more on the usage. Want to buy something, which you can wear every day, spill ketchup, wash, and dump in whatever way you like? Go for cheap fashion.

Want to buy something which you intend to wear only once in a while on special occasions? Buy something expensive, and of high quality. Problem solved.

Shut Up and Take My Money for the Dress
Source: Forever Twenty Somethings
Fashion Blah #3: You should dress according to your age.

Really? And what is that supposed to mean? That you cannot look sexy? That you cannot wear the top you used to wear in your high school? That you should not keep up with the trend? It’s way too boring!

There’s no rule set in the constitution commanding that elderly people shouldn’t wear what they like. Only those mindless vigilantes of undesired fashion policing troops advise you to do so. Ignore them.

Dressing according to age
Source: BuzzFeed
Fashion Blah #4: ‘Large’ makes you look thinner:

Sadly, they don’t. They make you look clumsy instead. People recommending this should learn about the things called ‘shapewear’ and ‘plus sized clothes.’

Large Dress Does not make you look smaller
Source: We Heart It
The latter option offers everything – from skinny jeans to body hugging tops – that are just the right size and fit for the ones who are high on the fat factor. The former keeps every flab and bulge in place, making you look fabulous.

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.” - Cushnie et Ochs
You are what you wear – this is the only rule you should follow. You need to stop fretting over what the world has to say, and start loving your body. If you have a good taste in clothes, you must flaunt it by wearing the most envious designs ever!

Only the insecure likes to keep himself out of everyone’s sight. Why hide what you have? Why turn invisible when you deserve, in every way, to be noticed? Break the rules now!

Be confident in what you wear
Source: Pinky Pink

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Makeup Tips: How To Look Good This Monsoon

The rain can ruin your makeup. So, it’s time to wear it right!

Were you thinking ‘heavy’? Or planning ‘waterproof’? No matter how relieving the rain is, it can take a merciless toll on your look, leaving behind a disaster. So, here’s what to avoid and embrace this monsoon:

•    Remember to keep your face extremely clean. The rain brings with it all the possibilities of bad infections. You don’t want the dirt sticking to your face before you paint it, do you?

Makeup Tips for Monsoon
Source: Huffington Post
•    Ditch using the foundation this season, because with a heavy downpour comes humidity. Your face is going to sweat a lot, and make your foundation melt and come off very easily.
Don't use foundation in monsoon
Source: CollegeTimes
•    Use face powder. It will control the sweat and make your makeup last longer. Of course, you must use it in small amounts to avoid caking.

Use facepowder in monsoon
Source: Our Vanity
•    Go for eye makeup, which looks subtle. Use a kohl pencil instead of a liquid one. In this way, you will save your eye makeup from getting dripped away in the rain. Also, if you want to use eye shadow, choose natural colors and powder-based products. And yes, please say no to mascara.
Eye makeup for monsoon
Source: Become Gorgeous
•    Using a gloss for your lips is a bad idea when it’s raining. Opt for a matte-finish lipstick instead. Use dark colors because they last longer. To make your lip makeup more durable, apply lip balm prior to using lipstick.

Lip makeup for monsoon
Source: Top 10 Inaction
•    Use a blush, which is bright-colored. While it is advisable to ditch the blush altogether, a cream-based product is better than a powder-based one.

Cream-based blush
Source: Style Ramp
•    Never wear your hair open in the rain. Tie it up in a simple bun. Of course, you should avoid using hair sprays and gels if you don’t want your tresses to tangle, or your scalp to breed dandruff. Regular oiling helps in controlling frizzy hair.

Hairstyle for monsoon
Source: Medium Hairstyles Haircuts
•    Finally, go for simple jewelry. Replace that choker with a light, little necklace. Wear a pair of studs instead of drops and dangles. Your ultimate aim should be to look as natural as possible.

Simple jewelry for monsoon
Source: Pinterest
Yes, maintaining your makeup during monsoons can be chaotic. So, whenever you step out, always remember to carry an umbrella. It’s a big savior from the rains.

Enjoying the monsoon rain
Source: 9walls