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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Frozen: The Best Animated Flick I Have Ever Watched

Frozen, The Movie

Frozen, the Movie
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Walt Disney Pictures has always been everyone's favorite. With a host of inspiring animated movies, Disney has been a darling for kids and even oldies like us.

And then, this famous brand came up with 'Frozen'. This is one of the best animated flick I have ever seen.

Fairy tales aren't new. But what Frozen, the movie, has portrayed is worth a standing ovation. Elsa, the lead character, teaches us how to overcome age old social bondages an follow our heart. 'If you are never yourself, you are never YOU' - was the clear message.

Frozen, Elsa
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Creating ice is Elsa's talent. But, it is seen as a curse and she has to hide it from the world. The song, 'Let It Go', in the movie marks her rebellion and finding herself afresh. Anna, on the other hand, is the funny, happy-go-lucky sister who cares about Elsa a lot. She is brave, courageous and loves love.

While Elsa finds a way to show her act of true love through her sister, Anna learns a few worldly ways from her. That suffices what both were lagging behind in.

Frozen, Elsa and Anna
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While I would rather not talk about the male characters, I would definitely love to mention about Olaf (which literally means ancestral heritage) - Elsa's creation, the snowman, and probably the best part of the movie.

Olaf was created to portray the innocence of Elsa's powers. The little snowman is a part of her and Anna's beautiful childhood. Though his coming to life was completely accidental, he is the sole broken bridge that can bring the sisters together, kind of. He is a memory of the picture-perfect springtime of their lives.

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