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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How to Look Like Jungle Book's Mowgli Under $200

Being Mowgli is not so simple. The very look could be expensive, at least by Indian standards. You'd need a Pageboy haircut first. So, choose a good salon. You never know when this trend hits the fashion world. Do keep up with the latest hair trends.

Next, you'd need a  loincloth. I'm not very sure if people would be of this opinion. It's okay for kids and definitely not okay for grown-ups. Interestingly, loincloths are available on major online shopping sites like eBay! Get your pick if you dare.

Of course, tan sessions wouldn't hurt. Grab a good online deal on a session in your nearby store. Don't attempt a DIY as it will leave you looking like a leopard. Complete the look with a simple wooden boomerang from Amazon.

Bingo! Your Mowgli look is ready! Let's sing together, "Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai...." Ah, what fun!

How much would it cost to be Jungle Book's Mowgli

By the way, did you watch the trailer and the new song? Check the two videos below:

I'm getting nostalgic. Are you?

Monday, 22 February 2016

Have You Watched This Indian Version of Super Mario by AIB Yet?

Remember Nintendo's Super Mario trying to save the princess from the Bowser while she kept shifting to 'another castle?' Well, Mario just got Indianised! Here's Mukesh Ki Kahani (that's what I'm calling this video) in the pixel words of All India Bakchod.

This one's full of 'Sanskaar' (?) is dahi-powered, and absolutely Rajni-fied. He is generous and offers money to beggars near Antila (wondering if his surname is Ambani). What's more, our Mukesh surpasses Super Contra and Pac-Man as well! There's a special DDLJ moment and yeah, spot Katappa killing Baahubali if you can! You're going to love this Indian Mario.

Video credit: AIB

Did you get all the silent jokes?
Watch again.