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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Game of Thrones Dialogues Only an IT Employee Can Relate To

Woes of an IT employee are endless. He is paid peanuts, his work is Herculean, appraisals are vague, and life is miserable. His contributions go disregarded, and with a heavy heart he sits down to watch his favorite show - Game of Thrones. And leaping lizards! What does he see? His life reeling in IT!

What the CEO thinks
Everyone is Mine to Torment - King Joffrey
Go home CEO, you're drunk.

What your Team Leader believes
You know nothing, Jon Snow
Why? Why?

What you wish to say to your Team Leader
Tywin Lannister

What all clients try to teach you
You're talking to a king - Joffrey
Yeah, right. And I am the Kingslayer. How about that?

What you wish you could do to your clients
Dracarys - Daenerys Targaryen
Burn them all!

The one who takes credit for your work
Jamie Lannister
 There are no morons like you. Only you.

About the colleague who recently resigned
Night's Watch
When will it be my turn?

Your boss to you, during appraisals
Your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth - Tyrion Lannister
Well, at least I am getting ashes. Something is better than nothing.

You, to your boss
That stands for 'yes sir,' because you are out of words.

And, this is how you'd like to remind your boss about an upcoming yearly appraisal
See my clothes? I need to buy a new sweater. Salary insufficient.

What right does the wolf judge the lion? But, Valar Morghulis, dear friends, when you are into IT.

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