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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Five Common Earphone Struggles: Which One Are You Stuck With?

One of humankind’s greatest inventions is EARPHONES! Just plug in a pair and get detached from this world! We could have never become solo music enthusiasts without them. And imagine the horror of boring lectures choking us! Well, thanks to technology, we now have a way out to manage our audio-environment and control our audio privacy even in the midst of a humming crowd.

However, we all have had our share of struggles with our earphones, too! These are common and worldwide. Like –

#1: The Tangled Mass in Our Pockets & Bags!

No matter how hard we try to prevent this, at the end of the day, it happens. God knows what goes on inside the space, but we can never manage to get it sorted on its own. The struggle to untie the knot invites exasperation. And, remember the annoyance when a tug at the plug pulls the earbuds instead? Sigh!

Tangled earphones
Source: WeKnowMemes
#2: Earphones With Only One Side Working!

Admit it, we all have suffered this at some point of time or the other, and wondered if our ears are really working. We try tapping the earbuds, twist the cable, and rolling the plug inside the jack, but to no avail. And at the end, we give up and console ourselves with the other earbud that’s working fine…(and silently fear for its well being).

Earphones with only one side working
Source: The Wirecutter
#3. Noisy Audio That’s Solved Only When You Tease The Wire!

It feels like someone’s kneading plastic near our ears. And then, when we fiddle with the cable, the noise’s gone! It’s kind of magical, and makes us feel proud of our (pseudo) engineering capabilities. Yes, it does.

Noisy audio in earphones
#4. The Bud Covers Love Your Ears More Than The Phones!

The earbuds come, repose in our ears and then, leave their covers behind! And, while we frantically search for them everywhere, it never occurs to us that they might just be residing within the hollow of our hearing organs. Ah! Couldn’t each one of us have debuted as the lead character in Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist?

Earbud covers
Source: Brookstone
#5. The Earbuds Keep Popping Out!

Yet another annoyance is this one. We wish for a great audio experience, carefully place the buds in the ear cavity, and switch on the music player. But, what happens? The buds keep slipping out every goddamn minute! And, thus flees the music zealot away from us! Lol!

Earphones keep falling out
Source: Quick Meme
Okay, #2 and #3 are signs that your earphone is about to die. Get it replaced now. As for #4 and #5, well, there’s no other option than to take it with a grain of salt. However, I am pretty sure there must be a solution to #1. Do you know the hack? If yes, then kindly share!